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Great customer service! They are very patient even when needing to make a change back and forth getting to exactly the right look.”

Excellent creative work.”

“Everyone at 2POINT is wonderful to work with.

“The entire service was very professional, efficient and friendly.”

“I have worked with 2POINT at two different startup companies and they did a fantastic job with both web-design and managed all of our marketing initiatives. ”

“We’ve been with 2POINT for about a year and a half now, and
couldn’t be happier.

“Simply the best.”

“I’m really happy that I have asked this company to work on my marketing needs. They did a great job so far and I will definitely work with them again!

“The team was amazing! Their communication and final delivery of my animated logo was top notch. I highly suggest 2POINT.”

“The 2POINT team I worked with was professional, prompt, and eager to meet our specific needs. I can highly recommend them. They definitely delivered! ”

Excellent communication, and product we were very happy with the work they did for us.”

“We have worked with their team for almost a decade and hope to continue partnering with them.”

“Everybody on the team was very engaged, communicative and creative throughout the entire process.”

“The attention they give to my business has helped it grow. I really appreciate them!”

“Love working with 2POINT Digital Marketing Agency! ”

2POINT is amazing! I get compliments on our website all the time!”

“I would definitely work with these guys again, they were able to take my visions and bring it to light. Extremely excited to use my animations on all my projects.”

“The design they came up with is absolutely stunning, and I've already received numerous compliments on the site's clean, modern look.”

“Great group of people, always willing to listen and work together to collaborate on the best ideas for our company!”

“Working with 2POINT on our custom animations was just delightful!

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Our team of professionals is ready to help you take your company to the next level.

Jon Dubensky
Jon Dubensky

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

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Jon founded 2POINT in 2006, since then his entire 24/7 focus for 18+ years now is for brands to get the highest quality websites and digital marketing done without the need for companies sacrificing on expensive talent.

This involves trying to ensure on a daily basis that every digital channel 2POINT runs, has the absolute brightest and most dependable people we could find around the globe. You can also find him doing creative direction on websites, project managing, and building a world class team.

In his free time you can see him playing pickleball or at a volleyball tournament or trying to cook but definitely enjoying something good to eat with his family including 3 daughters, cat and his beautiful wife Brynn in San Diego.

Jon Dubensky
Haydn Fleming

Chief Marketing Officer

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A multi-channel marketing expert known as the go-to guy you need if you're looking to scale a brand from 1M to 100M+ through digital marketing. Haydn perfected the Hub & Spoke SEO strategy into a scalable system that companies use to generate hundreds of millions of dollars today.

As the CMO of 2POINT Agency and the Managing Partner of the 2POINT Dallas branch, Haydn's day is split between growing the agency and working with our staff & clients on marketing strategy. Across SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media, Email Outreach, and Automation Haydn ensures our team is aligned on what each client needs to scale.

Tijender Singh
Tijender Singh

Director of Coding

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Tj has been with our company for over 10 years and is involved with every aspect of coding projects, live site edits, server-related items, and more. If you’ve done a site with 2POINT you probably have worked with Tj at some point. His day is spent meeting with our project team and leadership staff, reviewing all coding work doing QA for each member of our coding team, and ensuring top-notch delivery and client satisfaction on all work.


Chief Technology Officer

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With 2POINT since 2013, Jitender is a seasoned Senior Server Admin and Cloud Architect with 10+ years of expertise in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Currently overseeing 10+ 2POINT servers for diverse clients and handling all email tech issues for our customers, Jitender is our go-to server and email expert for our clients.

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