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3 ways animated logos can help your business

Haydn Fleming Chief Marketing Officer

Last update: Feb 16, 2022 Reading time: 3 Minutes

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One way to make your logo — your key branding asset that sits at the heart of your brand identity — even more prominent is to animate it. Unlike a static logo that sits quietly inside your website’s header, an animated logo draws your users’ attention to it all the time — subtly reminding them of your brand and boosting your brand awareness.

Animated logos reinforce your branding in ways that static logos just can’t. Often, animated logos also stress a key branding message. In other cases, they highlight an aspect of your business that makes you stand out.

Let’s see how animated logos actually do these and translate to better brand awareness, messaging, and engagement for a business.

1. Animated logos reinforce branding

Your logo’s fundamental goal is to build and boost your brand awareness. By adding motion to it — an animation! — you help draw attention to it, as humans are hardwired to follow movement. If a logo uses animation, it’s able to hold the attention of the users for a few more milliseconds, thus getting your brand more attention!

The animated logo example below does precisely that… it holds your attention for a little longer. If this were just a simple static logo, you probably wouldn’t notice it as much. But the continuous motion of the moving lights captures your attention without you realizing it and without getting in the way of your website experience.

Available Lights – A logo animation project by 2Point

2Point Digital Agency

One thing to keep in mind when using animated logos for reinforcing branding is that the animation must be relevant, which it is in this case. Simply making a logo pop up or fade in or out can look forced and be downright annoying and distracting. A relevant animation in a logo, on the other hand, can be just plain delightful.

Animated logos can tell what you do

Logo animations aren’t just to get your users’ attention to your brand asset but can also explain what you do. In fact, an animated logo can fully explain what you do — the motion in such animated logos represents what the brand does.

Check out the following animated logo example that tells exactly what the brand does. Notice how the logo shows a flying drone — an apt animation for a logo for a drones tours business! The logo’s motion doesn’t only capture the users’ attention, but it also reminds them of what the business does. This logo also uses a call to action (CTA) right on top of it. So each time a user looks at the logo, they tend to see the CTA too.

Indoor Drone Tours – A logo animation project by 2Point

2Point Digital Agency

Animated logos bring out a brand’s aspect

Logo animations are also a great way to stress aspects of your brand, like your unique selling point, that can get you more conversions. If speed is your USP, then your logo animation can highlight speed. Likewise, if you have a very diverse solution that works with many verticals, you can use different elements in your logo animation to bring this out.

Here’s an animated logo example that brings out the business’s “holistic” aspect. Notice how the circular animation reinforces a kind of completeness. It’s also in line with the brand’s USP around all-round wellness of the mind, body, and soul.

Elevated Wellness Collective – A logo animation project by 2Point

2Point Digital Agency

Get an animated logo

Animated logos aren’t just great for placing on your website… they work well with marketing collaterals like marketing videos, sales presentations, and email newsletters too, among others.

Think your current logo could use an animation? Or need a new animated logo? Let us help you.

At 2Point, we specialize in creating logo animations that beautifully reinforce our clients’ branding, explain what they do, and showcase their superpowers. GET IN TOUCH.


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