A Quick Guide to Online Reputation Management (and Why Your Business Needs It)

What do you find when you Google your brand name? When you search for it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, what kind of posts do you see? What about review websites like Yelp?

Online reputation management is simply managing how your brand appears on all these places that people use to learn about you. Naturally, you want to look like a business that delivers. Online reputation management allows you to do just this. It helps your business (somewhat) control and manage the content that appears in branded searches and be perceived just the way you'd like to be.

There are two parts to online reputation management. This first part is about suppressing any negative online content that's been posted by your users or third parties about your business. As for the second part, it's about encouraging positive user-generated or third-party content and amplifying the existing. So let's see how you can get started with online reputation management and make your business look its best online.

Here goes.

A Quick Guide to Online Reputation Management

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