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Chef Dane Catering began as a personal chef company growing into a full-scale catering business


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Logo design, Branding, Signature Series Site, Google ads, Premium managed marketing.

Chef Dane Catering began as a personal chef company growing into a full-scale catering business

Chef Dane Catering is focused on providing high-end service to its clientele in the Puget Sound area. George Wu, who recently acquired the company, has used 2POINT services previously for several other businesses. Before purchasing Chef Dane Catering, George contacted the 2POINT team so we could assess the current branding and digital footprint before developing a strategic plan.

An outdated website and zero marketing hindered the company’s growth, prompting a total rebranding, website and app development, and a marketing campaign.

Chef Dane
Catering Delivery

Continued Rebrand
through Website Design

The rebrand of Chef Dane Catering continued with 2POINT designing and developing a signature series website, creating an entirely new and sophisticated feel for the client. With no thought to keywords or strategy over the existing 11 pages and a lack of imagery or feel to the site, the old website had little SEO potential.

The pages lacked content, and important information - like the menu -was trapped on outdated PDFs. 2POINT refreshed Chef Dane’s site, starting with a reimagined home page.

Chef dane baaner
Chef dane baaner
Its old website had the same problems as its old logo: outdated and failing to express the premium catering experience.

This page underwent a complete aesthetic upgrade. The fonts and colors were updated, and more content and photos were added. These additions included visually engaging animations and interactive internal links. Then, our team created stand-out interior pages based on the new marketing approach.

One of these additions included an all-new Menu page and a new online ordering system, allowing customers to browse current options and prices. From here, customers can place online orders, a brand new system implemented on the site. The event request form was also majorly updated, allowing customers to reach Chef Dane Catering with questions or begin the ordering process directly.

“Everyone at 2POINT is wonderful to work with. We have worked with their team for almost a decade and hope to continue partnering with them.”

George Wu
CEO at Chef Dane Catering & Delivery

An App for Internal Organization

After acquiring Chef Dane Catering, our client wanted an internal app to help manage its events and employees, and 2POINT delivered. Previously, Chef Dane used a spreadsheet to organize their events and employees, so 2POINT created a web app to ease managing events.

While 2POINT worked on designing the new website - a process that took about 8 weeks - we also worked on developing the app. This process was extremely collaborative and customizable. No matter what our client requested for the capability, we made it possible using all custom code.

This app helps Chef Dane Catering provide seamless and organized service, further rebranding the company as high-end.


  • Ability to enter new events and see past event history
  • Notify employees of newly added events so they can sign up
  • Displays the number of needed employees for every event
  • Notify admins about who signs up for shifts
  • Provides comprehensive details of each event for employees
  • Ability to withdraw and trade shifts in real-time
  • Reminder notifications before and on the day of events and more…

A New Marketing Campaign that Generates Success

With a new logo, website, and app, Chef Dane was ready to market their new branding to their current customers and attract new leads. The owner, familiar with 2POINT’s experience, trusted us to grow his company with our Premium Managed Marketing (PMM) plans.

Chef Dane received an experienced marketing leader and team to help their business grow. This marketing team designed the strategy, working closely with the company to ensure their goals were prioritized. Before its rebranding, Chef Dane Catering had no digital marketing campaigns, with our help we expanded their reach through four different marketing channels.


Chef Dane’s old website was not built for SEO and only ranked in Google for its brand name. With just a handful of pages, few pictures, less than 500 words on each page, and no internal links limited their discoverability. The SEO strategy for Chef Dane began with the initial relaunch of the site.

During the website build, the SEO team:

  • Wrote in-depth content for easy navigation
  • Added FAQs and other content sections to optimize for SERP features
  • Brought the menu out of a PDF onto the website content, making it indexable
  • Optimized the code base to be easily crawlable by Google
  • Built a custom sitemap that would help Google index the website quickly
  • Optimized all media to have alt-text, title tags, and citations in the codebase
  • Optimized the meta titles & descriptions for the highest possible clickthrough from search engines

The next step included adding content immediately following the launch, such as a location directory. This type of page allowed us to create niche content for specific markets, helping Chef Dane to attract more customers from the area. Frequently publishing new site pages keeps you active in search engines & signals to Google that your website is relevant.

In 3 months post-SEO launch, organic search visitors increased by

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Chef Dane Catering had sent out eBlasts to their contact base before, but they were inconsistent, lacked a clean design, and were not reaching an organized customer list.

With the help of 2POINT’s email marketing service, we built a new contact list that better suited their target audience. Using our design team, we implemented professionally designed eBlasts, generating a consistent stream of repeat business.

professionally designed eBlasts, generating a consistent stream of repeat business

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