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Redefining InfinixBio’s Brand from the Ground Up






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Redefining InfinixBio’s Brand from the Ground Up

InfinixBio is a small, highly innovative biotech firm with several unique qualifications. They are one of only a few companies with clearance for high-level government contracts. Because they are small and operate in a highly specialized niche, they are very selective about the clients they take on. Most of these clients only come from in-network relationships, with no internal team specifically built for generating new clients.

Having gone through this struggle before, a mutual Biotech partner referred InfinixBio to 2POINT. Our multi-channel marketing strategy included a new website and branding, SEO, Ads, social media, and 1-1 emails. Within six months, we brought in high-quality leads, enabling them to close a significant new deal that covered their investment three times over.


A Fresh New Look
for InfinixBio

The new InfinixBio website featured a fresh, clean new design and concisely worded content that speaks directly to their unique services in the pre-clinical biotech field.

The solution included:

  • Custom design
  • In-depth content for services
  • Custom coding
  • Existing content was cleaned & optimized
  • Beautiful animations
  • Strategic CTAs to move prospects forward
Case studies Infinixbio
Case studies Infinixbio
The new graphics speak to their audience’s preferences, with DNA helixes, microbes, and other lab-related images.

We were careful to strike a balance between science and design while maintaining simplicity for easy navigation. Animated graphics illustrate the pathways between their services and their applications, effectively reducing the verbiage required to explain their core competencies.

“Our team meets weekly for strategy sessions with Infinix's team of experts and have taken them from a highly respected Biotech company with no real digital focus before 2022, to a much improved brand look, website and digital strategy, which I am happy to say is now delivering monthly high ticket leads.”

Jon Dubenksy


Having completely transformed InfinixBio’s branding, website, content, and visual appeal, it was time to take it to market. Their ultimate goal was to generate more inquiries and qualified leads, and they trusted us to lead the way.

InfinixBio worked closely with our marketing team, helping us understand their business model and unique value proposition. We crafted an approach that helped them reach the right people on the right platforms at the right times.


The new website was fully optimized to align with their ideal buyers and started generating high-quality leads almost immediately after launch.

We started with a keyword audit followed by detailed keyword research, which would form the basis of our content strategy. We went on to create optimized service/sales pages and articles to highlight InfinixBio’s expertise and authority.

  • Keyword audit research
  • On-page optimizations
  • Individual service pages
  • Optimized content throughout
  • Extensive blog content

A precise focus on SEO helped us boost InfinixBio’s search engine rankings. As a result, clients can now easily find them online by looking for the services they offer.

Our well-researched keyword strategy ensured visibility for their top-ranked search phrases, helping them get eyes on their website organically and reducing their reliance on paid ads.

Our keyword strategy ensured visibility

Want to know more?

We created several cold email sequences, applying personalization and segmentation and A/B testing the messages to get the approach “just right” based on where the prospect is in the customer journey.

Our 1-1 email strategy leverages:

  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Targeted leads
  • Multiple sequences
  • Automation

Our cold email process uses an AI engine to identify decision-makers that fit InifinixBio’s customer profile, ensuring that messages reach the right people earlier in the process. 2POINT’s 1-1 emails helped InfinixBio improve lead quality and accelerate lead generation while reducing the cost of new customer acquisition. Best of all, the process is entirely automated, virtually eliminating their early-funnel sales outreach.

Our approach helped the client promote their unique value proposition and attract well-qualified leads, exemplified by the closing of a significant deal within six months of our engagement.

Our approach helped tO promote their unique value proposition

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InfinixBio did not have a social media presence before they engaged with 2POINT. We created pages for them based on our new branding and messaging, establishing branded consistency across social platforms on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Streamlined, branded look on social media
  • Content creation tailored to highlight their story
  • Consistent posting strategy
  • Engage with their audience to encourage shares and comments

Our social strategy for InfinixBio included daily posts and engaging video content to drive brand awareness and traffic back to the website. 2POINT is 100% hands-on with video production, sending our team to the client to create visually stunning reels. We also handle post-production, managing the publishing schedule, and organizing the creative direction.

As a result, InfinixBio experienced:

  • Boosted online visibility and social proof
  • Establish authority in niche industry groups
  • Increased traffic to the website
  • Increased inbound leads
brand consistency across social platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Want to know more?

Case studies Case studies Case studies Case studies Case studies Case studies Case studies Case studies Case studies

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