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Website redesign helps San Francisco-based biotech firm, Mawi DNA, communicate the future of biosampling

About Mawi DNA

Based in San Francisco, Mawi DNA is a biotech company addressing a range of global challenges in biosampling. Its proprietary iSWAB™ collection technology reengineers how biosamples are collected, released, and transported. The SF-based biotech firm’s sample collection kits reached millions of users across the world during the pandemic. The NBC network also featured Mawi DNA for its work on the same.

Mawi DNA’s website didn’t truly express the biotech company’s novel approaches to biosampling. It didn’t bring out the brand’s cutting-edge work and, as a result, didn’t connect so well with its intended users and target audience. The website could do better at brand storytelling.

To solve its branding challenges, Mawi DNA partnered with us. At 2POINT’s , we offer digital solutions across different domains. Our expertise lies in branding, design, development, advertising, and marketing. We helped Mawi DNA completely overhaul its website channel. The new redesigned website is a seamless part of its brand story, helping it meet its digital growth goals.


Mawi Dna

Identifying opportunities for improvement

We started by reviewing Mawi DNA’s existing website. We analyzed the overall website experience across navigation, content organization, and functionality. We also looked at visual design, messaging, and branding, among other things.

We looked for areas to improve or completely redesign, so the website aligned well with Mawi DNA’s customer journey and its business goals.

Further, competitive landscape analysis helped us see how the biotech brand could differentiate itself through branding and design.

Redesigning the information architecture

We redesigned Mawi DNA’s existing information architecture and introduced a cleaner and more intuitive navigation. The new navigation makes it easier for users to quickly find the needed information and dive deeper into Mawi DNA’s products and services. The new user flow also mirrors how real users actually navigated the website.

Before After

Going from a static website to a “live,” animated one

We redesigned Mawi DNA’s existing static website into a live and animated one. Our goal was to seamlessly capture the life and movement of DNA through the biosampling process.

We created high-end motion graphics to bring Mawi DNA’s story to life. We also designed and used subtly animated imagery of DNA sampling throughout the website to illustrate Mawi DNA’s services. Together, these gave Mawi DNA’s website a more cutting-edge feel.

Animations added an extra layer of interactivity to the website, allowing visitors to engage deeply with its content and better understand Mawi DNA’s work. The end result was a website that gave visitors a more immersive experience, providing them with a better understanding of Mawi DNA’s solutions

  1. Complete menu restructuring and redesign for user-friendliness, SEO, and improved accessibility
  2. A new hero section highlighting how Mawi DNA brings high-quality biosamping everywhere
  3. An animated section showing applications of Mawi DNA’s equipment
  4. An animated how-to section deconstructing how Mawi DNA’s iSWAB™ biosample collection products work
  5. A refreshed copy that speaks in Mawi DNA’s unique brand voice

Despite being placed prominently inside the header, Mawi DNA’s static logo gave little insight into the biotech brand’s personality. As part of our branding services, one of the first things we worked on was bringing this logo to life with animation.

To make the brand more memorable, improve brand recall, and help visitors connect with what Mawi DNA did, we animated the static logo. With the animated logo – that shows DNA getting packed into a buffer – what Mawi DNA does gets instantly clear.

Mawi Dna

Building a unique brand narrative through design and messaging

As part of our brand messaging service, we helped Mawi DNA in developing a unique company narrative. We also helped the firm communicate it through consistent copy and design. Working closely with the Mawi DNA team, we ensured that everything was on brand.

We even ended up refreshing some of Mawi DNA’s website copy in line with this. This allowed the users to hear the brand voice while also quickly getting the complex information being shared.

The Result

Partnering with 2POINT helped Mawi DNA get a new branded website that helps it come across as the next-gen biotech company that it truly is. The website now offers a branded immersive experience that highlights Mawi DNA's work while being user friendly. The website is now also a seamless part of the Mawi DNA brand story.

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