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Rayne Water

About Rayne Water

Rayne Water Conditioning's 30 branches, including the one in San Diego, offer state-of-the-art treatment systems to homes, businesses, and commercial industries across California, Arizona, and Nevada since 1928. Thanks to Rayne Water's water conditioning solutions, thousands of San Diego homes enjoy "tasty" drinking water while companies get access to water treated to meet their needs.

Like any other local services business, referrals represented a significant source of business for Rayne Water. While Rayne Water prioritized its referral channel — with exclusive referral offers — they were looking for a more effective way to mobilize its existing customer base to generate more leads. It wanted to improve its referral marketing to generate new business.

Rayne Water found the solution to its challenge in 2POINT’s done-for-you one-to-one targeted email outreach service.



“We saw an immediate increase in leads from the day the campaign started.”

Ken Christopher Senior Vice President at Rayne Water

The Perfect Plan to Avoid Spam and Low Open Rates

In 2POINT's one-to-one email outreach service, it's all about making the customer feel like they're receiving a personal email from the sender. Therefore, this service looks like a personal email rather than one coming from a MailChimp or Constant Contact email marketing “campaign.”

Instead of sending emails from an email account tied to a client’s current domain name, 2POINT asks them to purchase a (new) domain name similar to their official domain name and buy a G Suite account for 1 person that would act as the sender they see on the signature and email address. Among other things, this prevents the client's regular email communications from going to SPAM if recipients report outreach emails as spam ( which is always possible with such outreach/marketing emails).

2POINT typically has 3 to 5 emails warmed up** and ready to use in case the email server team detects a chance of not hitting the inbox.

** Email warmup is a service that (on average) involves a 2-week process to warm up a new email address and condition Google and its bots so that they allow sending 300-1000 emails a day from the newly created G Suite account.

Creating A Landing Page For The Campaign

Collecting referral information was one big part of this campaign. For this to work well, Rayne Water:

  1. needed to know how the customer would like to be rewarded for making the referral
  2. required a form to collect information — about both the customer referring and the referral
  3. And had to send the information to a CRM where Rayne Water's salesforce could follow up.

To do all of this, 2POINT designed, developed, and deployed a referral landing page on Rayne Water's website. Having 2POINT as its full-service digital marketing agency, the client didn't have to consult other service providers for this part of the campaign. For the landing page, 2POINT also provided the copy, brand strategy, creativity and design.

Producing The Campaign Strategy & Copy

With the logistics out of the way, 2POINT produced the email copy to go with the campaign. For each email in the 3-email series, Rayne Water reviewed:

Monitoring Performance & Email Contact Base Management

For each email in the series, 2POINT closely monitored metrics like the open, click, and response rates. 2POINT also looked into any unsubscribe requests. If a recipient wished to opt out, they were removed from the list and immediately stopped receiving future emails.

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