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About Cantellus Group

Powered by a team of expert advisors and industry leaders, San Francisco-based boutique advisory firm, The Cantellus Group helps businesses navigate the ever-changing complexities of the digital landscape. It offers strategic solutions across a range of technology governance lines. With its product line, The Cantellus Group helps its partners make technology a true enabler in how they work.

The advisory firm was looking to reinforce its branding. It realized that branding would allow it to express its rare expertise and execution capabilities better. And also offer branded experiences across all its digital touchpoints.

The Cantellus Group partnered with 2POINT for its design and brand strategy. We worked closely with The Cantellus Group to brand its product line. We also worked on branding the advisory firm’s existing marketing assets. We even developed a visual identity language for the firm, so its assets are always on brand.


About Cantellus Group

Thank you so much for your patience, enthusiasm, and tireless effort on all things Cantellus. Looking forward to a continued partnership through 2023.

BRINSON ELLIOT Client Team Leader at Cantellus Group

Product Line Logo Redesign

The Cantellus Group realized that to really connect with their leads, all the different solutions it offered as part of its product line needed to inspire different things in their target audiences. Each of The Cantellus Group’s five sub-brands needed a distinct identity with a logo that communicated the difference.

But at the same time, the sub-brands also required to come across as coming from The Cantellus Group family. So they needed to inspire the same values of trust, credibility, and expertise.

Branding sub-brands is a delicate process. The key challenge is maintaining distinct sub-brand personalities while ensuring they’re consistent with the parent company. We had to ensure that each sub-brand had its own unique identity while still connecting it back to the parent brand.

The Cantellus Group decided to partner with us on this challenging project, and we said yes…

To go about it, we drew upon The Cantellus Group’s logo and derived five variations from it, one for each sub-brand. Each logo incorporated elements of the main logo. This helped them appear cohesive and a part of the larger brand family while maintaining a distinct look and feel at the same time.

Brand Marketing Toolkit

Given the nature of its solutions, The Cantellus Group has a long and winding customer journey. Businesses consulting the advisory experience several touchpoints through it. To fuel the same, the advisory firm invests heavily in its marketing assets.

The Cantellus Group realized that while its content and collaterals were effective, they could use better branding. Branded assets could deliver even more branded experiences across the firm’s “touches.”

The advisory firm saw this missed opportunity and decided to work on its branding across its entire relationship lifecycle.

The Cantellus Group engaged us to develop a series of branded assets and a marketing toolkit. We started off with the advisory firm’s presentations and reports before moving on to the rest of its assets.

Thanks to the branded collaterals, every touchpoint is now on brand, using the same brand visual language. With its new branding assets, The Cantellus Group is now also able to deliver a more unified customer experience.

Graphic Visual Language

The Cantellus Group was also looking for a way to ensure that everything it communicated across any of its channels was always on brand. This would allow the advisory brand to reinforce its branding with each touch.

To ensure consistent branding, The Cantellus Group got us to develop its graphic visual language. A graphic visual language is a brand’s playbook for all things communications. It standardizes visual communication choices like color palettes, typography, and image styles. It allows every piece of communication to seamlessly and subliminally express the brand identity. We collaborated closely with The Cantellus Group to get this right.

With its graphic visual language, the advisory firm now ensures that everything it puts out is naturally on brand.


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