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What I Learned From Scaling Mass Cold Emailing

Last update: May 11, 2024

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What I Learned From Scaling Mass Cold Emailing

24 months ago getting leads from email marketing was not working.

We would send out nicely designed eBlasts and be lucky to get 1 response back.

This was about the same time I started noticing an increase in cold emails coming to my own inbox from other marketers targeting business owners like me or other agency owners.

My thought was if so many people are doing it then it must be working.

Fast forward to 2024 and we currently generate 65-80 new leads every month just from doing mass cold emails. So much in fact, that we have a full-time salesperson focused solely on incoming leads from emails.

This means mass cold emailing is 2POINT’s biggest channel for leads by almost 4x of our closest other digital marketing channel which is SEO.

I know some people think if everyone is doing it then how can it work and to be honest that is a losers mentality.

That would mean it would not work for you because so many people run Google ads or social media ads or TV commercials.

The truth is if you’ve tried a certain marketing channel and it did not work that does not mean it does not work, it could be a problem with the messaging, the quality of what is being put out, or so many other factors.

Back to what I learned from running mass cold emailing

1) 2-4 email accounts sending emails a day is not enough

Because of daily limits, you should only be sending 100-150 emails a day total per email address to avoid going into spam and getting your messages filtered.

Having only a few email accounts sending cold emails for you does not produce enough leads to satisfy a sales team.

We started with 4 emails and expanded to 10, 25, 50, and now have over 100 active emails sending emails every day on our behalf.

2) You need a CRM like HubSpot to track all leads

This goes with any digital marketing channel (paid ads, SEO, etc) once you start getting 25+ leads a month (maybe you can stretch this to 50ish) but at this level, you need a way to track leads, leave notes, move to closed, moved to lost, see reports broken down by each campaign, etc and not be using a spreadsheet.

There is a reason some companies have 1 salesperson handling 100s of leads by themselves, hint….it’s because they are using a CRM like HubSpot or another similar one.

3) Lead with a unique offering or product

Although our specialty is running multi-channel marketing and creating one-of-a-kind websites, we don’t mention much of that at all in our campaigns.

We focus on smaller-priced services and products we can offer that provide tons of value and get us in the door with a company.

We also do this because we need our emails to be completely different from what everyone else is sending and one way to do that is to focus on a product and service that is unique or not pitched as much via email currently.

4) Be as targeted as possible

Even if you focus on a global market or multiple industries, is there a way to segment your audience to specific industries or locations?

If so, being able to personalize each campaign will always get you better results.

An example is if you can target by location, let’s say Las Vegas, for example, is one place you know tons of your potential customers are in.

The email address you use can be, the copy can mention you focus on that market, all of which can give you a better response rate.

Yes, this is way more complicated, you need to have audiences pulled for many different targets, segment them to specific domains, landing pages, more emails you need to have running, etc but if you work with the right company like 2POINT we handle all of this for you.

5) Keep leads engaged after they express interest

This seems straightforward but when you start sending out the amounts of emails we do for companies you will be getting so many leads every month that might ghost you, stop responding, in different stages in your pipelines, ask to be called back in the future, etc.

All of this causes tons of pending leads that never have said NO.

We recommend creating either a weekly email that provides valuable insights on 1 topic (not AI written) or creating a 10-email sequence (10 pre-planned emails is a great starting point) that goes out to every lead that has not closed over 90-120 days so they keep seeing things from you other than your salesy follow-ups.

Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you

  1. If you’re serious about taking your company to the next level and want 2POINT’s help in doing so, click here to book a consultation for a growth consultation.
  2. Most companies don’t know how to run an SEO audit to know what keywords you should be focused on, request one here.
  3. If you want to stay in touch, follow me on LinkedIn.

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