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“Everyone at 2POINT is wonderful to work with.”

“Excellent creative work.”

“The entire service was very professional, efficient and friendly.”

“Simply the best.”

“We have worked with their team for almost a decade and hope to continue partnering with them.”

“We’ve been with 2POINT for about a year and a half now, and couldn’t be happier.”

Mental wellness app raises $2.25M 90 days after the website launch

Client: Sound Mind

Signature Series Website

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Private equity investor completes his 5th post-acquisition rebrand with 2POINT

Client: Chef Dane

Signature Series Website, Managed Series

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Website Experience

At 2POINT we’re on a mission to cultivate the world’s brightest and most creative team of digital experts. Like every 2POINT product, each Signature Series website we produce is a one-of-a-kind industry leader.

Our Signature Series line of products is focused on Company Websites, eCommerce Sites and Landing Pages.

The process is a combination of the most sought-out creative team and coders, working side by side to tell your story.

Personal creative team

2POINT will put together the dream team for your project. A dedicated project manager will lead your creative director, designer(s), coder(s), animators, server admins, and more to keep you updated every step of the way.

Your best and fastest website ever

With videos, custom animations, and movements as a standard for all 2POINT projects, we’re producing industry-leading websites that not only look nice but it also loads fast and never goes down.

Guaranteed delivery dates

Choose from 5-week, 8 weeks, or 11-week delivery times for most website projects. Rush orders are always available even on the impossible, contact us to find out more.

Fair Terms

With clear, no-nonsense pricing, you will know all your costs before we get started. With options to split payments into two or pay up-front with a slight discount.

Technical / on-page SEO

We start with a proper site structure and fresh content then combine the most important SEO ranking factors to increase your visibility and reach.

Post-launch support*

Peace of mind comes standard with built-in support. Our Managed Series plans include hosting, form testing, SSL security, and unlimited site edits.

*6 months free managed series support is included for all new signature series clients.


Which website product is right for you?

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Signature Series

Brand Website

Delivering the most incredible user experiences with every detail and movement custom-designed and coded to each customer’s exact specifications.

Starting at $7,500

Purchasing Series

eCommerce Website

Delivering modern shopping experiences and a quick purchasing process with every detail and movement custom-chosen by you.

Starting at $12,500

Landing Series

Landing Page

We custom-design landing pages that are finely tuned to generate more leads & more revenue from your marketing campaigns.

Starting at $2,500

Managed Series

Ongoing Work

2POINT operates the most secure servers, with 24/7 reliability, form testing, fast load times and industry-leading turnaround on-site edits.

Starting at $150/mo
  • Delivery Date


  • Content

    We write it

  • Revisions


  • Videos


  • Movements


  • Animations


The Process


Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff starts immediately after payment is made. Your creative director and project manager will get to know your team and business while outlining the entire project process and schedule to launch.

Design Stage

The first step in any website design is to envision the new look and style. That’s why we focus initially on creating the perfect homepage and once that’s approved we continue that style throughout the rest of the pages.

Content Writing

Along with notes from your kickoff meeting, our experienced content team starts by asking a series of questions to define your company's voice. We then study your industry and existing materials to create a strategic narrative.

Coding Stage

Once you’ve approved the look and feel of every section and the content of every page, we move on to the coding process. Starting with html integration we take what our talented designers created in a PDF and make it come to life in a demo environment

Animation Stage

Our animation and coding team can bring any idea to life on your site. We go from a beautiful static website design to a standout, take me seriously, be wowed, industry-leading animated website during this stage.

Quality Assurance

A beautiful site is nothing if your buttons and forms aren’t working, the speed on desktop or mobile isn’t blazing fast, or customers experience bugs. Our QA team ensures your site has been checked hundreds of times before we go live and monitors during the first critical 7 days after a launch.

Site Launch

Once you give the go-ahead to take your site from demo to live the fun part happens! Within 24 hours your new site will be live at your domain. Our server team will ensure your live site is flawless, your domain goes to the right place, and no email issues arise. You’ll have the option to host yourself or use our 6-month free hosting & maintenance service.

The Process

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Renowned therapeutic center partners with 2POINT to modernize their business

Client: The Halliday Center

Signature Series Website, Managed Series

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Renowned therapeutic

Answers to our most frequently asked questions

How much does website design cost?

Websites can range in pricing from a few thousand for a template to $50,000 plus if you have more pages, want more animations, product videos, back-end logins, etc. Similar to customizing your home you can have all the nice finishes and custom touches with us or go with something more templateish and pay less.

How long does it take to build a good website?

Our typical delivery options are 5-week, 8-week, and 11-week delivery but can vary depending on the number of pages, your budget, and the speed it takes your team to provide feedback. We also can rush any order by increasing the team assigned to your project.

How do you optimize a website for mobile?

After we design and code the desktop version we then code the site using responsive technology which means some sections that look good on desktop will just not work on mobile and need to be adjusted. Once we identify sections that need to be redesigned for mobile our coding team works directly with our design team to come up with new ideas or other animation styles for the mobile version of your site.

Why does your website need animation?

To truly make a memorable brand you need a website that wows and stands out from the other sites in your industry. By using a combination of high-end design along with great coding you get a really nice static site. When you add animation and movements you not only have a beautiful site but you now have a presence that interacts with your customer in a way a static site cannot.

What should I look for in a website agency?

Start with the quality of the developers own site. Usually that agency's own website would be the same designers and coders and creative directors, etc working on your site. Also important is how long they have been around, customer reviews, example sites, how long it takes them to build a site and how much involvement they would require from your team in order to get the site done.

Great customer service! They are very patient even when needing to make a change back and forth getting to exactly the right look.”

Excellent creative work.”

“Everyone at 2POINT is wonderful to work with.

“The entire service was very professional, efficient and friendly.”

“I have worked with 2POINT at two different startup companies and they did a fantastic job with both web-design and managed all of our marketing initiatives. ”

“We’ve been with 2POINT for about a
year and a half now, and
couldn’t be happier.

“Simply the best.”

“I’m really happy that I have asked this company to work on my marketing needs. They did a great job so far and I will definitely work with them again!

“The team was amazing! Their communication and final delivery of my animated logo was top notch. I highly suggest 2POINT.”

“The 2POINT team I worked with was professional, prompt, and eager to meet our specific needs. I can highly recommend them. They definitely delivered! ”

Excellent communication, and product we were very happy with the work they did for us.”

“We have worked with their team for almost a decade and hope to continue partnering with them.”

“Everybody on the team was very engaged, communicative and creative throughout the entire process.”

“The attention they give to my business has helped it grow. I really appreciate them!”

“Love working with 2POINT Digital Marketing Agency! ”

2POINT is amazing! I get compliments on our website all the time!”

“I would definitely work with these guys again, they were able to take my visions and bring it to light. Extremely excited to use my animations on all my projects.”

“The design they came up with is absolutely stunning, and I've already received numerous compliments on the site's clean, modern look.”

“Great group of people, always willing to listen and work together to collaborate on the best ideas for our company!”

“Working with 2POINT on our custom animations was just delightful!

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