Google's page experience update is here. Are you ready?

With its page experience algorithm, Google is bringing factors like a website's speed, mobile friendliness, and security (among others) to determine its search rankings.

So what does this mean for your SEO?

Well, it means that if you want to rank higher in Google now, you'll need to work on all these factors. Most of these have been a part of Google's ranking algorithm for quite some time. But this algorithm brings together several such signals that work to deliver a better page experience — and eventually a better web — for both users and businesses.

To help businesses maintain and improve their rankings for this algorithm, Google introduced a new Page Experience report. This report evaluates each page on your website and tells you the percentage of URLs that offer a good user experience. Your target: scoring a perfect 100%!

So let's see what Google's page experience update is all about and how you can prepare for it.

Google's page experience update is here. Are you ready?

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