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5 New Digital Marketing Trends You May Be Missing Out On

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The ultimate aim of any business, whether small or large, is growth and profits. The importance of digital marketing in ensuring growth of a business cannot be stressed enough. The advent of technology has resulted in a boom of digital marketing to promote one’s business and is being seen more and more as the future of marketing.

Live Chat and Chatbots

Most companies are using live chat on their website which allows a customer to connect with an employee by sending a message. Customers will usually see a pop-up when entering the website asking them to chat. Chatbots on the other hand are an AI-powered software that you can program to facilitate conversations with your customers. They can be programmed to give specific answers to frequently asked questions. Chatbots leverage machine learning. The more questions your customers ask, the better the software evolves and is able to answer more detailed questions. Chatbots can interact with people 24/7 without human intervention and are being used on a wide range of websites and in mobile apps in every industry for the purpose of marketing, sales, customer service and more. This frees up time for your team and allows them more time to focus on closing sales.

Video is No Longer an Option

If your business isn’t already using video marketing, you should be. Text-based content simply can’t compete with the influence that video has when it comes to selling. Consumers are watching more video now than ever before. You can’t ignore the fact that 60% of customers say that watching product videos before purchasing an item gives them a better idea of what the product will be like, making them more confident about buying. A great video can go a long way, especially for those customers that are on the fence about buying and it will ultimately help to build your brand overall.

Email is Getting More Personalized

Email has become the biggest channel of communication. Billions of people are using it for personal, professional, and academic purposes. With its continued growth, email has become one of the most effective ways to connect with your current and potential customers. As it evolves, it’s the personalization factor that makes email marketing so successful. When you can focus your email marketing on something specific, such as one product or service, and then follow up with a promotional price or demo video in a personalized email, consumers have proven to be responsive. Email is often the final trigger to close a sale.

Good Content Still Matters (and Now Context Matters More!)

Good content will always be an essential component of effective digital marketing, although now more than ever the emphasis on context should be your focus. Your target audience should be at the forefront of your mind when you create. Google has evolved to a point where it understands its users and targets online content toward specific consumers. Going forward we will be able to tailor content precisely for our audience and make sure it reaches them.

Bidding On the Right Google Ads

Bidding on Google Ads can be confusing and time-consuming. Many companies hire a designated ad manager for the sole purpose of handling this task. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to bidding — Location: where the user is searching rather than their physical location. Day of the week and also the specific time of day. This gives you the ability to target customers during certain times of the day with specific offers. Remarketing list: Ads can be optimized based on when users last interacted with products and what those interactions were. Ad characteristics: If you have multiple versions of an ad, Google can bid on the ones that are most likely to convert. Interface language: you can adjust the language with which a user is searching. Only by integrating all of these strategies together in unison will allow for your business to make the most of bid optimization.

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