How much should you spend on digital marketing in 2022?

When it comes to setting aside money to spend on digital marketing, businesses stick to the 5% rule. So your digital marketing spend — assuming that marketing = digital marketing, in your case — is 5% of your revenue. That said, most businesses, on average, allot 7-8% of their gross revenue to use for digital marketing.

It's also not uncommon for new businesses to spend more (up to 20% of their total revenue) when they're just starting out. Understandably, a good business website, SEO copywriting, social media setups, etc., are some of the essential investments a business needs to make upfront.

As you can tell, getting a ballpark value to put on your digital marketing budget isn't the difficult part. But how you really use it to formulate your digital marketing is. Let's go over a few steps to help you do just this.

How much should you spend on digital marketing in 2022?

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