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How Animations Bring a Website Experience to Life (7 Engaging Examples)

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Why websites use animations

  • Animations bring websites to life. Good animations help people not just browse a website but actually experience it. They make a website experience more immersive.
  • They’re great at drawing attention to the most critical pieces of copy or design. In its website animation usability research, Nielsen Norman’s research found that “Movement in a person’s peripheral vision triggers a stimulus-driven shift in visual attention…” Simply put: We’re hardwired to follow animations, so we naturally follow where they lead.
  • Website animations can explain stuff and also tell brand stories. Simple animations also go a long way in explaining complex stuff. When done right, animations can also work to reinforce a business’s branding subtly.

Let’s now check out some websites that use cool animation effects to power a great visitor experience.


1.Indoor Drone Tours

Building a website that stands out and actually supports with differentiating a brand in a crowded industry is challenging, especially when it’s real estate. Think about it: A real estate website must look high-end, slick, and different.

To go about this unique real estate vertical problem, Indoor Drone Tours — a company that empowers real estate agents, land developers, and regular property owners to take virtual tours of their properties — tapped into the magic of animations.

Created by 2Point

When you land on this website, you’ll see — you guessed it — a flying drone. How cool is that! Oh, and the logo too uses a subtle animation effect to hint at motion and shows you how it’s ready to take you for a virtual tour.

Experience the live website here.

2. Creative Electron

Now, let’s say it: Most businesses and service providers don’t do exciting stuff. They do life-changing work, which is not exactly so much fun to explain. Think a maker of X-ray inspection systems, for instance. Offering a website experience that hooks the visitors for such a service, especially when you can’t jazz it up so much, is no small task.

A brand stuck in a similar situation, Creative Electron — a company offering digital X-ray inspection systems — decided to use animations on its website for that extra kick.

Created by 2Point

When you visit this website, you’ll see a stunning hero area animation that shows the solution in action. Not just that, it uses a beautiful, animated gallery where hovering over an item triggers a slick animation showing off its X-ray, prompting users to click to learn more.

Experience the live website here.


Biotech companies represent a unique challenge when it comes to websites. These solutions are usually quite complex and need a LOT of copy to convey all the information, even on the homepage! Not just that, the copy can read too difficult as well.

BioArkive — Southern California‘s leading international biorepository that offers biobanking services — was looking for a website to communicate its complex messaging and offerings without overwhelming the users. Lightweight animations helped achieve just the desired results and more.

Created by 2Point

If you land on the website, you’ll find a great animated header that shows an intriguing biotech animation that instantly sets the website’s tone. Also, subtle animations as you scroll through the website draw your attention to the different vital elements of the copy. There’s also an interactive calculator that uses animations to help users choose their best options. Not just that, meaningful motion graphics add to the overall animation strategy.

Experience the live website here.

4. Ab Studio Inc.

Life science websites, too, face similar issues. Even they need to offer a lot of complex information and can easily be more than what most visitors can process. Low engagement naturally translates to fewer conversions even here.

Ab Studio Inc. — a technology platform company dealing in antibody discovery — also needed to explain its complex solution but in a way that would engage and not overwhelm its users. The brand went with a mix of website animations to go about this.

Created by 2Point

If you check out the website, you’ll see that strategically placed animations introduce information one bit at a time, so every word of the copy actually gets read.

Experience the live website here.

5. Sunland Home Care

For websites for businesses into personal services, one of the most important goals is to connect with the visitors who land on it. Also, offering engaging experiences, in this case, needs to happen subtly while managing the overall aesthetics of the brand.

Sunland Home Care — a home care provider from San Diego — was looking to build a website that could connect but without going overboard. It resorted to soft animations for its website to generate the desired impact.

Created by 2Point

If you see the website, you’ll notice that it uses a bunch of animated pictures offering soft nudges as users browse through the website. The website also responds to hovering by animating the services a user is checking out. Buttons, too, use animations for hovers.

Experience the live website here.

6. Rooter Rooter Drains

Yet another industry that makes offering a unique, custom website experience rather challenging is the services industry. Think about it — just how engaging can you make your website experience when you absolutely have to come across as a serious professional firm that gets the work done.

Rooter Rooter Drains — a San Diego-based plumbing company — faced this exact problem. But instead of settling with a website that would be like every other plumbing company in the city, Rooter Rooter Drains went all out with animations.

Created by 2Point

Just check out the website, and you’ll be treated to a host of slick animations. The hero area animation very effectively draws your attention to the most important pieces of copy. The menu, too, has a lever that moves as you hover over the items — a light animated nudge reinforcing what Rooter Rooter Drains does. As you scroll, new content gets loaded with jazzy animations ensuring that you don’t miss a thing!

Experience the live website here.

7. 2Point

Unlike most businesses, creative ones like web design agencies get more freedom when it comes to building their online presence.

At 2Point Digital Agency, we specialize in building websites with animations. So animations are naturally at the core of our website experience too. It’s central to what we do, and we use them liberally on our website.

If you browse through our website, you’ll see a number of animations that catch your attention but don’t get in the way! Also, our website’s animations focus on getting our users to actually experience our website and get a sense of our work.

2Point Digital Agency

Experience the live website here.

Before using animations, remember this: Animations CAN BE distracting…

If you don’t do animations right, they can be distracting.

They can go wrong also when they’re too fast or too slow — the “mechanics.”

They can also be downright annoying when they’re there just for the sake of it.

So ensure that the animations you use add value and improve your website experience; otherwise, they shouldn’t be there.

If you work with a website design agency that specializes in animations, it will explore ways to use animations strategically. If you’re curious about how animations can amp up your website experience, get in touch for a free consultation.

About 2Point Digital Agency: Since 2006, 2Point has been helping business owners build, manage, and expand their businesses using digital channels. Get in touch to see how we can help yours.

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