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Introducing Instagram Branded Content Ads on Instagram

New: Branded Content Ads on Instagram

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No doubt, branded content is the wave of the future because of the way it is currently evolving. The developers at Instagram have followed this ongoing evolution, and as a result, have built tools to permit businesses and content creators to incorporate branded content posts in their Instagram feeds and story ads.

What does this mean?

According to Instagram, 68% of users who visit the social media platform say they do so to communicate with creators. With branded content ads, this gives businesses the means to tell their branded stories through the voice of the creators. This combination reaches new audiences with a measured impact. Thanks to tools available on the Facebook ads platform, targeted audiences are reachable even if they are not following the brand and creators accounts.

With promotions run as ads, insights become available to businesses that give them the data to track what is successful and what needs to be changed or improved to become successful. In other words, more effective marketing campaigns are now possible. Yes, disclaimers are used to provide ad transparency in the form of “paid partnership with…” appearing alongside the brand name in the ads that show up in Instagram feeds and stories.

Limited organic reach in the early days of Instagram inspired the changes where branded content ads have become the norm. This puts your message right in front of who you want to see it rather than having it show up at random, reaching your target audience or not. Instagram has found that content being promoted directly from an influencer’s source makes the post more authentic than coming from the brand source, and that has increased engagement rates considerable.

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  • How To Get Started

    There are two necessary steps you must follow to create branded content ads. The first one is to have branded content creators provide to their business partners the ability to promote their story or post as an ad. This can be accomplished through the Instagram advanced settings tab. Then the creator’s business partner will be able to use the Ads Manager function to see posts under ‘existing posts’ and decide whether or not to choose one to run as a feed or story ad.

  • In Conclusion

    All advertisers have access to branded content feed ads. They will soon be available globally as well, which signals just the start of Instagram’s commitment to invest in branded content. This move provides a greater value to businesses, creators, and individuals who are contemplating using Instagram as a marketing tool.

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