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These San Diego Companies Got Their Website Animation Just Right

Available Light

Available Lights Animation

Website designed and developed by 2POINT

Available Light, based in Oceanside (a San Diego sub-community), provides mobile lighting equipment and an expert crew for corporate shoots, commercials, and a host of other video production projects.

Here are some of the striking website animations Available Light uses:

  • Available Light uses an animated logo that instantly grabs viewers’ attention and precisely describes what Available Light does. The brand’s live logo also creates visual interest and increases brand recognition.
  • As you hit the hero area, you see a (custom-designed) 3D animated light. If you view the website on your phone, you’ll see a mobile-friendly version of the same lighting (which is also animated). What’s more… you’ve a stunning San Diego skyline timelapse running in the background.
  • You also have sections that use animations strategically to put the website’s key copy in the visitor’s line of sight.

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Rayne Water

With over 30 branches across California, Arizona, and Nevada – including one in San Diego – Rayne Water is a premier water conditioning service offering a range of water treatment solutions.

Rayne Water Animation

Website designed and developed by 2POINT

Some unique website animations Rayne Water uses:

  • Using a live logo, Rayne Water shows what it does – treat water! The website’s animated logo is pretty much a brand story in itself.
  • The website’s hero area makes a splash (literally!) with animated “bubbles.”
  • Interactive animations and animated hover states further add to the website experience.

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Creative Electron Inc

Creative Electron Animation

Website designed and developed by 2POINT

Located in San Marcos (a San Diego sub-community), Creative Electron Inc provides X-ray inspection systems. Simply put, Creative Electron Inc helps businesses X-ray their products.

Some engaging website animations from the Creative Electron Inc website done by 2POINT:

  • Creative Electron uses a very “alive” hero area that shows the solution in action — you see the X-ray of a mouse among other animations that change every time you load the Homepage. How cool is that!
  • Creative Electron also taps into website animations to show how its solutions work in the different industries it serves (from aerospace to fashion). In addition, each landing page provides a lot of information using interactive animations.
  • Throughout the website, subtle animations keep readers engaged.

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The Box Co-Op

The Box Co-Op Animation

Website designed and developed by 2POINT

Based in Poway (a San Diego sub-community), The Box Co-Op creates custom carton boxes and packaging for clients across various industries, including fashion and personal care.

  • With its “live” logo, The Box Co-op tells what it does — offer custom branded boxes!
  • All the industries that The Box Co-op serves are mentioned in the hero area with prominent text animations. 3D product sliders add to the feel.
  • Further, The Box Co-op uses interactivity to present tons of information on the types of boxes it creates and the industries it works with.

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Urbn Leaf

Urbn Leaf is a San Diego cannabis dispensary offering curated, high-quality cannabis products.

Urbn Leaf Animation

A few awesome website animations Urbn Leaf uses:

  • Urbn Leaf uses moving imagery and parallax animations effectively in its hero area and across the entire homepage. The invoking images do well at conveying a strong brand personality.
  • Using animations, the website highlights its most popular products, so users don’t miss them.
  • Edgy text animations across the entire homepage further add to the website experience.

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Downtown Works

Downtown Works is a multi-city co-working space provider. It has two branches in San Diego.

Downtown Works Animation

Some nice website animations Downtown Works uses:

  • Users get to see a sneak preview of Downtown Works’ spaces and the organization’s mission through smooth animations on its website’s hero area.
  • Downtown Works also uses animation to emphasize its key messages, such as the one on the pandemic-related health and safety measures it is taking.
  • User engagement is maintained throughout the website with subtle animations.

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It’s Up to Us

It’s Up to Us helps San Diegans fight mental health issues.

It’s Up to Us

Some thoughtful website animations It’s Up to Us uses:

  • The subtle animation on the logo feels empowering.
  • A creative animation on the homepage  inspires visitors to seek assistance if they need i
  • It’s Up to Us uses a lot of interactive animation to deliver as much information as possible without overwhelming the reader.

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KJ Luxury

KJ Luxury is a high-end fashion brand with presence in San Diego and Los Angeles. KJ Luxury helps people look their fashionable best with luxury fashion pieces that don’t compromise on comfort.

KJ Luxury Aimation

Website designed and developed by 2POINT

Some polished website animations KJ Luxury uses:

  • The homepage hero area comes together very aesthetically with a bunch of super-slick animations.
  • The website uses moving imagery and stunning parallax effects to set a very high-end-ish tone.
  • As the user scrolls through the homepage, copy and imagery roll in with sleek animations

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The Kabiri Group

The Kabiri Group Animation

Website designed and developed by 2POINT

Based in Mission Valley (a San Diego sub-community), The Kabiri Group offers alternative dispute resolution consulting to businesses to help them resolve conflicts without taking the traditional litigation route.

Some sleek website animations The Kabiri Group uses:

  • A beautiful live background sets the tone of the website, helping people perceive the brand as one that can help them navigate tricky legal mayhem.
  • The Kabiri Group further uses a bunch of smooth scroll and transition animations to highlight its key pieces of copy.
  • Interactive elements (like testimonials) further enhance the website user experience.

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Yours truly, 😊!

Based out of San Diego with a team spread across the world, we’re a full-service digital agency helping brands manage their entire web presence. We create beautiful custom (animated!) websites for our clients, generate quality leads (through SEO, paid marketing, and email, among other channels) for them, and then work to convert them. Animation sits at the heart of all our solutions — from websites to the most uber-cool email signatures you may have ever seen.

2POINT Animation

Here are a few very animated website animations that we use at 2POINT:

  • Animated origami birds (unicorns and even dragons) join you as you land on our website — because, why not! We’ve got our playful pals hovering over our copy (so you do read it).
  • We also use many intentional, strategic animated elements and sections to highlight our work and messaging that we don’t want you to miss.
  • Additionally, we use plenty of scroll animations on our web pages to enhance our UX/UI design and help you easily navigate all the information on our website.

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Saw how website animations help deliver extraordinary user experiences? Get in touch, and we’ll use our website animation storytelling skills to design a truly “live” website for your business — one that drives your business forward. Contact us.

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