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5 Top Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

Digital marketing trends are never static. They change every year, and sometimes, every quarter. Over the last year, different studies have discovered the marketing strategies which are producing the best results.

Positive Business
  • Google

    the largest search engine, has about 94% of organic traffic with more people also taking advantage of Facebook ads, Twitter, YouTube, email marketing, and the like.

  • Content Marketing

    It costs less than traditional marketing (62% less) and content generates triple the leads compared to the old method.

  • Infographics

    In fact, infographics come in handy due to their engaging and concise nature. They also receive the most likes and shares on social media vs. other content types.

  • The bigger picture

    It’s predicted that by 2022, digital ad spend will have increased to 53.9% from 39.7% in 2017. It’s imperative that your business needs to grab these opportunities so that you aren’t left behind in the global race for a digital presence.

What trends should you take note of?

Best Small Business Digital Trends


Videos have come to stay. By 2021, internet traffic will be made up of 82% videos marketing with live videos taking 13%. What’s your business doing about this?

Live videos allow you to communicate your brand and build relationships with your audience. They add a real personality to the words that you use and convert visitors into customers in no time.


Social media marketing is the next most important digital marketing trend for small businesses. There’s no denying the fact that a significant number of your customers spend a lot of time on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and other channels.

If you want to reach your target audience, you’ll need to connect with them where they connect with their friends and loved ones.

Have conversations, analyze data, solve customer complaints via social media platforms, and build your brand.


Content is king, but there’s a new side to that. Engaging content is queen! It’s never enough for your business to write and publish posts relating to your service. You need to keep content new, fresh, informative, emotional, and updated. Stick to the 80/20 rule (80% educational content and 20% promotional).

Google loves updated content backed up by facts and authority. And the winning content type is interactive content which includes animated infographics, polls, online voting, and assessments.


Voice has always been a natural way of interacting between humans (why do you think AI is continually perfecting the “human” quality?).

Small businesses looking to grow and stay relevant will need to integrate the voice assistant in their digital marketing kit. Ensure that your voice format includes common words which searchers use when asking questions such as “what,” “how,” “best,” “cost,” and “price.”

An easy way to achieve this is to find out how Google Voice Assistant works and integrate this for your customers who use it.

Despite coming last, search engine optimization is the reason many businesses have a presence on the Web.

With the right keywords that describe your small business, you can begin to rank your brand and get found when searches enter queries that are similar to the services you provide.

While it’s true that SEO has existed for a while, it’s a fact that this is the reason 75% of people are only interested in Google’s first page. Do you want to get on page one? Up your SEO strategy!

What digital marketing trends are you working on right now? Share them with us. Or call us on      1-619-599-1006 to discuss the best digital marketing strategies for your small business.

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