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Videos for business websites: 10 video types you should be using right now

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Team videos

Creating a team video is one of the best ways to showcase your company’s culture. By watching team videos, users can get an inside look into the businesses they’re considering working with. As such videos show the human side of a business, they work well at connecting with viewers.

Having said that, this video type isn’t for your users as much as it is for your future employees. If you’re looking to build a quality talent pool, this video can work really well on your careers page.


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In the marketing context, explainer videos explain what problem your products or services solve. You talk about the problem your user faces, the solution you offer, and how it works. Explainer videos are the most commonly created video type, with 72% of businesses producing them.


In one survey, a resounding 96% of users said that they watched an explainer video to learn about a business’s products or services. Moreover, 84% of explainer video viewers said that watching the explainers convinced them to convert.


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Video testimonials feature your customers as they talk about a problem they faced and how they found your solution and resolved their issue with it. You’ll be surprised to know that about 75% of large companies and enterprises produce more than five video testimonials a year, and about 78% of businesses that invest in video testimonials generate an ROI of 100% or higher from it. Plus, when they use them as part of their marketing campaigns, they generate about 25% higher conversion rates. Even in general, 79% of customers prefer to watch video testimonials to learn more about a business.

Project videos/case studies

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Project videos/case studies have you talking about how you worked on delivering a project or service. These videos are similar to video testimonials and likely feature a client’s quick clips, but these are primarily promotional cum educational videos that show your potential clients how you work.

Educational videos

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These are how-tos, but video how-tos. Many brands write long 2000-word blog posts to teach their users how to do something and plug in a 2-min video on the same inside the article body. This way, users who prefer videos can skip the entire text content and accomplish the desired goal using their favorite learning medium.

Product videos/Demos

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These show your product in action. Both B2B and B2C businesses use product videos to boost conversions. Product videos and demos are popular with users too. In fact, 66% of people prefer to learn about a product via a product video rather than reading about it. And about 73% of users who watch a product video make a purchase.

Marketing videos

Inbound marketing videos take many forms. Think video ads, presentation videos, video blogs (vlogs), video testimonials, event videos, video interviews, demo videos, live stream recordings — anything goes. Inbound marketing videos are pretty much any videos that you use as part of your video marketing to get people to convert. About 91% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI they get from their video campaigns.

Social media videos

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If you look at social media video content consumption, you’ll see that social media users “heart” video content much more than other types of content. For example, tweets with video receive 10X the engagement of tweets without. Depending on your business (B2C or B2B), you can have different types of social media videos. The key to creating successful social media video content is to bring out the human side of the business, even for highly transactional business models.

Videos for business websites

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You need three things to create good videos for your business website: 1) production expertise, 2) editing skills, and 3) storytelling superpowers. Only when you get these elements right can your videos really connect with your users.


While it’s good to have organic video content — the DIY stuff and all — professional videography services are a great option to consider when creating those few evergreen videos for your business website that you’ll keep leveraging, everywhere! At 2Point, we provide custom videography services where our expert videographers visit our customers’ locations with the best-in-class production equipment and record all these types of business videos and more. From scripting assistance to post-production editing and making your video content look studio-quality, we handle it all.

We also offer photography services if that’s what you’re into. With our photography services, you can replace all the stock stuff you have on your website and social channels with your own image content! Get a quote for videography and photography services here

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